Real -Estate Developments  & Business Advisory Services



At Javelin Consultants we practise what we preach. We invest in real-estate projects directly and also provide state-of-the-art business advisory services to our clients.

We believe modern ongoing transformation calls for a new type of business consultant: an experienced professional who can act as a trusted advisor, sparring partner and coach to clients and help them achieve the desired goal - whether it be a successful investment strategy, an alliance or a transformation.  

Successful organisations are those which permanently engage with the challenge of identifying strategies for profitable growth not just locally but across borders. Given the rate at which environments are changing, this requires a highly differentiated understanding – at strategic level – of the corporate core of an organisation and of the vision of its management and the new opportunities and challenges presented by ongoing legislative and technological upheavals.

We measure ourselves by how well we help companies navigate change and new opportunities. We guide companies in making decisions in the core areas of  strategy, M&A and cross-border business alliances.
When the occasion arises we are willing to partecipate in a business venture as true JV partners.