Czech Hunting Lodges

While most of the more important hunting areas have a wide range of accommodation options Javelin believes this is a sector that is commercially under-valued and ripe for a more professional approach to the services and hospitality offered to its hunting guests. 

The Czech Republic is a paradise for mouflon and its hunt: either stalking them or from a feeding point, in the mountains, in the meadow or the forest. The quality of trophy mouflons in this country is unequalled.  It is not unusual to reach mouflons over 100 centimetres long. 7 out of 10 world highest CIC points mouflons come from the Czech republic. The world record mouflon trophy (258,60 CIC Points) was shot in 2011 in South Moravia. The mouflon prefers stony, hilly lands with broad-leaved forests but it is able to adapt also to other grounds, included humid areas with soft grounds.

Thanks to its ability to adapt, the mouflon population in Czech Republic has tripled in the last 30 years, increasing from 8000 to 22000 animals.  The beginning of the mouflon breeding in Czech lands dates back to the past century when mouflons were imported from Linz (near Vienna) to a fenced game reserve in Hlubokà nad Vltavou. From Hlubokà, the mouflons were gradually introduced in the fenced game reserve of Orlik nad Vltavou and in other fenced game reserves (in Czech obory). When some fenced hunting areas were abandoned at the end of the Second World War, mouflons moved to open forest and nowadays are present all over the Czech Republic. This hunt can be combined with that of great fallow deer, big stags, wild boar and sika deer.



The hunting season is also set by law. The dates when hunters can hunt certain animals are clearly specified and need to be followed. These dates were determined based on the breeding cycles of the animals in question. The amount of animals that can be hunted is determined on a yearly basis based on the local populations (rules also stipulated by law). If they are too many in number, their numbers must be controlled and if they are too few, they are protected. The key is to ensure equilibrium in the population levels. The animals which can be legally hunted are classified into two groups: furred and feathered game. Some hunting methods used in other countries are not allowed. For example using a crossbow or bow is prohibited. Falconry is allowed, but only at certain times of the year and only for certain types of animals.


Hunting in the Czech Republic  is governed by a legal code (Zákon č. 449/2001 Sb., o myslivosti) and gamekeeping associations are individual legal entities, hunting can be said to have emancipated itself and become an accessible hobby (and responsibility) for almost anyone. In the Czech Republic, most hunters belong to gamekeeper associations which usually rent the land they hunt on. All hunters must have a valid hunting license (issued for an indefinite period after having passed the gamekeeper license exam) as well as a hunting permit granted by the owner of the land. For foreigners, a hunting license can be issued for a period of 1/5/30 days or 6/12 months. Any applicant must prove that he/she does not have a criminal record as well as meet the minimum age, etc. Alternatively, one can be a host to a gamekeeper association or to someone’s private property. However, there is always the need to have a valid hunting license and hunting permit. When one is shooting a rifle, he/she must also have a valid gun license (License group C).





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