Corporate Consultancy Team and Activity: 

Javelin is able to tap into the services of an extensive mutli-disciplinary team of consultants and partners with whom its shareholders have consolidated an efficient and cost-effective working relationship. It employs the same highly professional personnel  for its own direct investments as it does for third party client  advisory services to professionally service the client's specific needs.

The  team leverages a wealth of cross-border networked knowledge both for its own real-estate business and to help established and start-up ventures across the business lifecycle from prelaunch and early growth through to maturity. We conduct analyses on strategic issues for complex organizations, and deliver feasibility studies on a range of issues to help guide decision making.



            Access to a network of  private investors, strategic advisory, real-estate development seed capital, private equity funds etc.;



            Access to private equity funds/European and international investors, private placement, financing, project bonds, mini-bonds, listing on secondary markets


Stable growth

                        Facilitation of access to new markets, advice in cross-border investments, joint ventures and strategic alliances, feasibility studies, access to know and sectorised specialists



Secondary financing, centralised treasury management solutions,  restructuring,  issuance of bonds and notes, M&A, listings